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89% of all IT vacancies in Belgium appear here at SplendIT

About us

SplendIT is a consultancy firm with a unique approach to HR. We always work from the candidate’s perspective, which is a key part of our strategy.

Thanks to over 40 diverse partners all over the country we have a vacancy to suit every consultant.

What do we offer?

How do we operate?

We work closely with our partners including nearly all large IT consultancy firms in Belgium. In doing so, we give our IT professionals plenty of opportunities to come into contact with the projects that we receive daily from our partners and vice versa. We always prioritise high-quality collaboration with all those concerned using open and transparent communication.


SplendIT began life under the name ICT-People, back in 2006. CEO Jean Van Droogenbroeck then injected new life into ICT-People when, together with HR Manager Wim Van Gink, he changed the name to SplendIT in 2010.

After starting with 40 IT professionals in 2006, SplendIT now holds a strong position with no less than 170 consultants & freelancers seconded on projects all over Belgium.

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